Words from the Oracle of Annam

Why are the giants threatening the North?

The ordning between them has been broken

Who broke the ordning?

Annam the All-Father, the greatest of the gods.

Why did Annam break the ordning?

To rouse his children from their complacency.

What must be done to stop the giants?

Find a magic conch of the storm giant king, Hekaton. Use it to visit Hekaton’s cort. Root out the evil therein.

Where is the conch(s)?

In the clutches of a giant lord.

What do the evil giants want?

Power, glory, and the favor of their gods, so that when the ordning is remade, they are elevated to the top.

What is [Duke] Zalto’s plan?

To rebuild a dragon-slaying colossus.

What is [Cloud Giant lord] Sansuri’s plan?

To find a lost trove of dragon magic

What is up with the storm giants?

The storm giant cort is in chaos following the disappearance of King Hekaton

How can we find Hekaton?

Speek to Serissa, his youngest daughter. She has a clue to her father’s whereabouts, and she needs your help.

What happened to Hekaton?

He was misled by his eldest daughters, Mirran and Nym, who covet his throne.

Where is Duke Zalto

First, you must prove yourself! When human barbarians came to these lands, they fought our kind and stole our relics, burying them in the ground. The humans built alters to Uthgar, their god-king, atop these relics and surrounded their alters with burial mounds. Go to these mounds, retrieve one or more of our lost relics, and bring them here as tribute. Do this , and your path will be made clear. There are many paths you can take. The more relics you deliver, the more paths you will have to choose from.

Several evil giant lords stand ready to oppose you. You can ruin all of their plans by defeating just one of them. Which one that remains to be seen.