Trip to Indianapolis

I was here

Last weekend, a few of my friends and I went to Indianapolis Indiana for the Pokémon Video Game Championship I had a lot of fun competing (and preparing for it), But I had more fun taking pictures and touring Indianapolis.

Different Spots we visited

Here are a few highlights

we passed a city named “Gas City” (holding back the REALY bad puns) unfortunently…I don’t need to give you a bad pun…they did for us

I love how right below the add for the city…is a ad for a “experienced salesperson”

I didn’t know it was possible…or that it couldn’t create a paradox or something…but there is a exit 0

My first view of the Indi skyline

after we get settled in the hotel, all by @elmoharris and myself travel around the town while we get prepared for the next morning…to do that we had to do a lot of trading Pokémon back and forth…thus the shot with 6 freaking DSes.

Next morning we get to the convention center at about 6:00am to be close to the front of the line…(sad I know) but the line did fill up quick…

while we are waiting I take a trip down the line to see what there is…they have the whole place decorated with blow-up Pokémon.

Once we get in there are a bunch of tables with DSes hard wired to each other for the battle all roped off onece we get our team registered and setup I didn’t take any pictures because I was waiting to battle

Unfortunately none of us survived a round. I will save you the long and dreary excuse of why I didn’t make it at least one round with all that “training” we went though. I will just leave it with I got exploded….and thus died… my response…oh well…more pictures for the reader(s) of my blog Winking smile

They had Two FREAKISHLY huge blow-up Pikachu dolls…I can scare @elmoharris with one flash of this picture

After a while of taking pictures of random people pressing buttons… I got board and a few of us decided to head to the Indianapolis museum of art

There will be a Lot of pictures in the Album below…but I will show a few highlights

We found a HUGE vase that was just a bit shorter then Kevin

We found a need poster that was in…Japanese…anyhow the character (according to Ariel) is the character for tree…

After the four of us got back from the museum, we were starving…but we couldn’t decide on what to get to eat….to make a short story shorter…we went to the mall…and I have never seen so may escalators!!!

We all had a lot of fun in Indiana and I hope to go again next year!

Now for the part you have all been waiting for…the rest of the pictures