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10 Triggers To Make You Tingle (ASMR) by Heather Feather

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Happy Birthday Gentle Savior

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♫ “Wrecking Mob” – A Minecraft Parody of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball by CavemanFilms

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#BaymaxFistBump – Big Hero 6 Clip by Walt Disney Animation Studios

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Taylor Swift – Shake It Off – 1989 (African Hipster Version) ft. Alex Boye’ & Changing Lanes by Alex Boye

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This is going to suck sound clip

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Iraqi Subtitles

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Geo Club States Song

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Pat Riders Funeral

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Card Storage


After Lemon Wallet was purchased by lifelock and then there after shutdown. I needed a app to store and present my loyalty cards and insurance cards on my phone.

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A Bit About Matt

Having earned my Eagle Scout award shows I can set long-term goals and achieve them. I enjoy all things IT related and figuring out new technologies.

Being home schooled I was accustomed to teaching myself and I worked to acquire skills in PC troubleshooting, network deployment and management, graphic design and IT support and training.